Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Root Words

The root word I have chosen is Super.
One time I was walking around during the night unsupervised. A insuperable man came towards me. I ran as fast as I could but the man started running too. He definitely wasn't a superhero. I kept running until another man was standing in front of me. "Duck." he said. He then picked up a trash can and threw it at him like it was a feather. The insuperable man was knocked out cold. I looked at the man and realized it wasn't just any man. It was Superman! He flew away into the sky.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What do you want to do with your precious life?

I do a bunch of sports. Some of them, I'm better then others. I play baseball which is my favorite sport. I play soccer and cross country and swimming. I have to practice at these sports to get good at them. Some practices I don't do good at, some practices I do. The object of all these sports is to succeed. For some people  it's all about winning. But for me it's to be good at it and succeed.
Some will take a lot of practice to succeed in a sport. Some I'm just a natural. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But I did it. I played the sport, I succeeded right? So when people ask me, "What do you want to do with your precious life?"

Thursday, December 17, 2015


“Captain, do you copy?” “I repeat, Captain do you copy?”
“Yes I copy, Fighter jet 2 is ready to fire.” Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! ‘It’s firing back, it’s firing back!”
“Get out of there Captain!”
You’re probably wondering how I got here. Well, we were at war.
“Captain Peter, I’d like you to meet Sergeant Jonathan.” said Lieutenant Nick. I stared at the new Sergeant. I got nervous, the last Sergeant (Sergeant Jacob) died from getting shot down by a mysterious object into the ocean. At least, we thought he died. I shook his hand and his palms were sweaty. “Welcome to Base 92.” said Peter. “This is a secret base that only the President knows about, so I would keep your mouth shut and listen to every word I say.”
“Captain Peter, we got a problem!” said Lieutenant Nick. “It looks like we're getting attacked.”
“What does it look like?” captain Peter questioned.
“It looks like….an Alien spaceship!” “It’s over the Atlantic Ocean heading our way!”
Boom! Boom! “Their firing!” I said.
“Peter suit up, fighter jet 2 is ready!”
“I’ll come with you.” said Sergeant Jonathan.
“No, stay here with Lieutenant Nick.” I went to the jet and climbed up the steep stairs. Put on my helmet and got ready to take off. “Approaching 10,000 feet Lieutenant Nick.” “Do you copy?” I said.
“We’ve been hit again, I sent out more jets.” Lieutenant Nick exclaimed.
“Copy that.” Then I saw it, the big gray spaceship. It was huge and intimidating. I hesitated. I didn’t feel good about this. The object made the Atlantic Ocean look small.  It then opened and shined a bright light towards me as I tried to block it from my eyes.
“Captain do you copy?” “I repeat, Captain do you copy?”
“Yes I copy, Fighter jet 2 is ready to fire.” Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! “It’s firing back, it’s firing back!”
“Get out of there Captain!” My engine was hit. I was going down, heading for the cold Atlantic Ocean. Luckily, a lifeboat came out of the back of the plane. I climbed on it. I saw the jet slowly sink to the bottom of the deep blue cold ocean. I looked up it was hot, I needed it to rain. I was thirsty and hungry. My fingernails were all off covered with dirt. I had burns on my knees and a giant scratch on my face. I looked around to see if there was any food hidden in the raft. I found pieces of chicken in a bag. The water got through the bag but it was still food. I ate it, little by little to save it.
Drip. Drip. I woke up with water coming down slowly on my face. Then faster and faster. I sat up, it was rain! I opened my mouth as wide as I could. I took a old rusty can and sat it up on the raft. Then something made a bump from underneath the raft. I went as far away as I could. The bump was moving. Then I heard a splash. More splashes. It was circling the raft, but not one. Three were circling the rafe. Then it stopped. I looked over the side. It was quiet. So very quiet. My fingers hanging over the side of the raft. My body was shaking. Then I saw it, it was quick. It was a shark. I pulled away fast but the shark got the tip of my finger. I screamed in pain as I held my finger. I took my wet socks off and held it on my finger. Waiting for the bleeding to stop.  The whole top of my finger was off.  I laid down watching the rain come down on my face. . Hoping for something good to happen.
As I ate the rest of my wet, cold, chicken I heard a faint noise. A noise that was louder then the thunderstorm that was happening around. I tried to see through the clouds and rain. I saw it, but only a glimpse. It was a helicopter, I was sure of it. But then it got bigger, and louder. As it hovered over me, the rain stopped pouring. But only on me. Everywhere else it was raining. I looked up. It was the spaceship. I gulped. As I looked up it slowly opened. I covered my eyes as the white glow almost blinded me. The glow slowly started to fade. Suddenly a blue circle appeared around me. I grabbed on to the lifeboat. I saw this in movies but I didn’t know this could actually happen! I thought this could only happen to cows! As I held on, my grip kept getting stronger. But it was no use, I let go and it sucked me up all the way up. As I looked down I saw that the lifeboat was coming up to. It was about to hit me, so I tried to cover my face but it still hurt.
As I got up from under the lifeboat, I saw three weird looking guys. Who I was guessing were Aliens. I couldn’t stop staring at them. Then I just burst out laughing and pointing to the Aliens. With their big eyes and their big heads, I just couldn’t hold it in. The Aliens left and were talking to each other and laughing. And then pointing at me. I stopped laughing as I brushed myself off. As I got up I looked and saw two men, dressed in the same uniforms. “We meet again, Captain Peter.” I stared at Sargent Jonathan and to the right of him, was the “dead” Sargent Jacob.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Picture Day- Story Narratives- Owen

Picture Day

I woke up everyday going downstairs and eating breakfast. I got dressed and went to school. Today was different, it was picture day and I got all dressed up because you are suppose to look nice on picture day. Well my mom said I needed to get dressed up, so I did.
“Aw you look so cute dressed up in all your clothes.”
“Have a great day, and remember to eat your lunch!” my mom said.
I went out the door but then realized I forgot pants. I rushed back to my house, quickly covering my legs with my backpack. I opened the door and there was my mom holding my pants.
“Forgot something?” my mom said. I grabbed them put them on and began walking.  As I was walking I stepped into a mud puddle. And I mean a big one.  The mud covered my pants from my knees and all of my shoes. I kept on walking as I was looking forward to a very bad horrible day. As I walked into school, most of the mud on my shoes almost came off, as a janitor was sweeping behind me as I walked.
I was a mess and people in my school noticed. I tried to walk normal but the mud on my pants was disgusting so I was walking with my legs straight. As my morning classes slowly passed, I got ready for lunch. I had the “Perfect lunch” for picture day. Peanut butter and Jelly. I was being very careful but of course I got it  on my shirt that my mom just bought. I licked it off but it just got worse. I tried pouring water on it but someone bumped into me and the water spilled on my pants. I just watched as everybody laughed at me.  It looked like I wet my pants.
“Look, Kai peed his pants!”  The guy who bumped into him screamed.
“No I didn’t!”  Everyone laughed at me as I nudged the guy while I went out of the lunchroom and into the bathroom.
I stared at myself in the mirror. I was a mess. My hair was all messed up, somehow a chocolate chip got in there. I took a deep breath. “Kai..i'm Kai please report to the office at this time.” I was scared and a little bit embarrassed because they couldn’t say my last name.  I walked downstairs into the main office. My face turned bright red. What did I do?
“Your mom dropped some stuff off for you.” Mrs. Pickle said.
I took the bag and said thank you. I opened the bag and there was a note. It read: just in case, here is some extra clothes. I smiled. I changed into my clothes and went to go get my picture taken in the auditorium. As I was up next the guy looked at the paper and tried to say my name. Before he said it out loud, I said my name. “Kai Kee-O-Gann.” I said. “Right, your next Kai!” the picture guy said.
I got in front of the camera and smiled and as the picture took, then I sneezed. Everywhere
“So that’s what happened last picture day.” I said to my friend as we walked to pictures.
“Wow, well don’t let that happen again.”
We both laughed as I headed downstairs and in the auditorium to where the pictures were being taken. It was another picture day, but that’s a whole other story.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

H.W. Writing Workshop

“Aw you look so cute dressed up in all your clothes.”
“Have a great day, and remember to eat your lunch!” my mom said.
I went out the door but then realized I forgot pants. I rushed back to my house, quickly covering my legs with my backpack. I opened the door and there was my mom holding my pants.
“Forgot something?” my mom said.

I wrote this down because it is sort of like a hint and will help the main character towards the end of the story. It shows that is mom is protective and cares, but Kai gets all embarrassed. But later in the story it will make sense.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Homework- Scenes/Summary

The Author in my book, Unwanted uses Scene more then summary. I am only in a couple of pages of my book so that could change. She is very detailed in her scenes.For example the story is about Harry Potter and the Hunger Games mixed together. So at the begging of the book there is a scene. Alex is called with other people as a Unwanted. She explains what they do. Alex goes on ta bus to go to this Death Farm they call it. When you read it the scenes are very detailed and it will be easy to understand.